Coping with Grief

There is no “normal” reaction to grief at the loss of a loved one. If you have lost someone the grief you feel and experience will be unique to yourself – people react differently to bereavement. It might be helpful to you to recognise that there are some feelings commonly associated with grief that most people will experience at some stage;

A persons reaction to death will be influenced by many different things, including age, personality, and religious beliefs. The manner of the death and previous experiences (if any) of bereavement, may also have a bearing on how someone will cope with the loss. The death may have been as a result of a long term illness and suffering, or it may have been sudden or even premature (a child). Whatever happened, the situation cannot be changed – this is one of the biggest obstacles, not been able to make things right. Remembering the happy times may be of help to come to terms with accepting change.